Finding Fitness

How do you find fitness for you that works? That energizes you and helps you feel stronger in an over busy and largely sedentary world? This is a question that this blog will explore over the next several posts, with invitation to consider what your own well-being needs from you. How do you find fitness for you that works and can be sustained?

There are lots of answers to that question in the diet-fitness-sports marketplace today, at least if your Facebook/Instagram advertising-feed is anything like mine. The challenge as we see it is to find a way to fitness that is well tailored to your own body. The opportunity beckons here to weave coaching wisdom with appropriate challenge, predictability with variety, community with gentle & fun accountability on offer (so can be declined too), movement with rest, and food-education with science. CrossFit
Dedication, in other words.

Beginning. Everyone walks into a new fitness path with a little trepidation, and Crossfit has its own breadth-depth to complicate it. Public media focuses on the Games, begun with the Open. What the public sees is elite athletes competing for the Fittest on Earth title, whether individual or teams divisions. It’s fun to take in the fervor of it all, but that’s
3% at most of the CrossFit fitness path & wisdom it offers.

Tailored to your own body. CrossFit classes–at least within our well-run and
professionally-trained-coached gym–are immediately scaled to your own body and however you arrive. There’s no overwhelming mountain to climb unless you don’t listen to what the coach recommends. (Which happens at first, of course…trust takes time, to let a coach help you make wise choices for you!) There’s care given to all aspects so to coordinate your workout time for the length best for that workout. So there’s no shaming or competing with failure at the end. Just get better, your definition of better.

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