Why Real Gyms Don’t Look Like “Gyms”

CrossFit Dedication opened up in 2013 with an initial investment of $40,000.

Most “Big Box” or “Globo” gyms start with multi million dollar budgets.  With just 40K we had to be smart with our purchases. We could not afford any machines that cost several thousand dollars and isolate single muscles. Our equipment had to cost less and be more useful.

Our marketing budget had to work the same way. So no big media company to work with. We had to rely on word of mouth from our small base of clients we started with. In order for that to work we needed to get results.

CrossFit Dedication started with a fourteen foot pull up / squat rig, two rowers, some barbells, dumbbells, kettlebells, med balls, jump ropes, and a few other small items.

At the time that’s all we needed to start our business. Nothing fancy, just a little equipment and four plain walls. 

Over the years we were able to buy more equipment as our business grew. What we chose to purchase was more of the same. The rig is longer, in fact we have two rigs now. More rowers, barbells, dumbbells, and bumper plates to accommodate our clients. 

We didn’t add any fancy machines. You won’t see anyone on a pec deck or a funky ab crunch device. Instead you will see people doing functional movements like squats, presses, and pull ups. We chose movements on how well they work, not how easy they are to execute. When movements require technique, we teach it. 

Fit people know that all the shiny machines are not worth their time. Next time you are in one of those “Big Box” gyms look around. Figure out who the most fit people are. They are not doing a circuit on the rows of machines. 

Most of our clients have spent time at one or more of the “Big Box” gyms but it never worked for them. We help busy people with busy lives that do not have time to waste trying to figure things out on their own. This is our job. In one hour, we provide quality coaching, carefully designed workouts, with the equipment necessary to improve the health and fitness of our clients.

When new clients come into our gym for No-Sweat Intros, the one thing we hear the most is, “you got a lot of space here.” Yes, the gym floor is mostly open. It allows us to move. You need to move to get fit. 

Our plan for the next eight years? You guessed it. Keep the shiny machines out of our gym. Continued quality coaching, no wasted time, space, or effort. 

Just results!

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