Finding Fitness Pt. 3

How do you find fitness for you that works? That energizes you and helps you feel stronger in an overbusy and largely sedentary world? You choose a pathway with multiple schedule options that offers both predictability and variety.

Crossfit classes are held daily–early morning, morning, midday, afternoon, late afternoon—which offers some good flexibility for busy lives. Each offers a workout plan that over the course of the week aims for diversity of movement, balance of strength and cardio, and even mobility to improve your range of movement.

You can always depend on a good workout. Not too much. Not too little. One that has been prepared to balance effort with experimentation and learning.

At the same time, the workouts keep changing. You get to learn to anticipate what the fun might be in the morning! There is always variety, new things to learn, new things to try.

A fitness path that works for you needs to find this rhythm between predictability and variety. It keeps a person interested with the newness of the workout movements. It keeps a person engaged because it’s also predictable. Safe even.

For more information or questions that arise for you, CrossFit Dedication can be found here ( or by contacting Matt Mitchell at ([email protected]).

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