Finding Fitness Pt.2

How do you find fitness for you that works? That energizes you and helps you feel stronger in an over busy and largely sedentary world? Coaching wisdom and appropriate challenge, which in contrast to some popular opinion, is not an excessive luxury for fitness that works for you over the long haul.

One of the strongest contributions in the CrossFit path to fitness is the coaching guidance that both monitors healthy movement and provides just the right amount of challenge to move you toward your fitness goals. From the outside, this aspect is often considered a luxury or ‘too much’ in the financial investment into fitness paths. “I’ll just go to the gym myself,” many say. Honorably, even.

Except it is human nature to stay with what is familiar or make it a little less challenging. Which often results in repetitive motion injuries within familiar movements like running, weight lifting, strength training. Which can easily lead to boredom, resulting in less activity or engagement.

Many of us have also slipped into sedentary lives in work and excessive screentime, leaving us less bodily aware in how we move. Range of motion has lessened. Inappropriate or ineffective use of machines at the gym can result in unnecessary stress on the body. We cannot watch ourselves moving, so to correct form and range of motion…

Coaching wisdom offers a collegial and corrective wisdom to all of this. Not only does it provide wiser and more effective learning in form, range of motion. Coaches help push you appropriately, with highest probability of success and consistency.

If we listen and learn, of course.

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